All of the scripts listed below are available to any filmmaker or production to use for free. If you decide to produce one, get in touch with to let me know and so I can keep updated with the production. Also, please credit ‘Daniel Harding’ as writer.

Blah Blah Blah
Tagline: Daniel reluctantly gets on a bus and is utterly confused by the conversations he is entrusted with.
Production: For some time I have been slightly obsessed with social media and how I interact with it. This script is intended to be a bit bizarre as it doesn’t really explain much about who the characters are and why they are saying certain things. All the dialogue (apart from the lead character) was taken from tweets and specific users I come across in the space of about an hour whilst writing the script. I think the idea only works if you get access to a bus – I liken social media to a bunch of people sat on a bus shouting crazy things at each other, but could work in a pub or single room where people gather.

Play Dead
Tagline: A woman must pretend to be dead in order to stay alive.
Production: I was desperate to make this script for quite sometime, but it just never materialised. It has a minimal amount of dialogue, so requires a strong and visual performance from the lead. This potentially could be made in a day. I would probably wait until about March/April time so the weather is reasonable but you still get a decent amount of dark evening light.

Tagline: A regular morning encounter at a bus stop reveals an important life lesson.
Production: This is again a script I had every intention of making, but unfortunately an actor dropped out a few days before the shoot. It has a relatively optimistic viewpoint, although the lead character is a bit world weary. This script is intended to be quite charming in the vain of The Intouchables, and hopefully will leave the audience with a positive sentiment that stays with them for sometime after viewing.

The C*nts Upstairs
Tagline: All he wants is a good nights sleep, but everyone else around him has other plans.
Production: Developed for sometime with every intention of making, it is visual piece and so requires a bigger budget than some of my other ideas. It is a dark comedy, and the only person taking it seriously is the lead character – verging on camp. I may come back to this idea at some point in the future because I really love the title and assume it would offend a lot of people.

The Pencil
Tagline: A first day in the office turns bloody.
Production: Another dark comedy which features a frustrated lead character. The story takes place over the course of a first day, and it deliberately jumps around a bit – some humour can be found here if the filmmaker commits to it. This is an easier script to produce, although you’ll need varied and comedic cast. I would recommend hiring an office space for a day, which is doable and I’ve seen many different facilities offering this as an option.