After choosing to construct a meaningful connection via a S.A.M. service, Noelle may have finally found her perfect someone.

A short film written & directed by Daniel Harding, with Lucy-Jane Quinlan, Fintan Shevlin, Elliot Robinson and May Kelly as S.A.M.

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S.A.M. was one of four short films that Daniel intended to make towards the end of 2017 (two went unmade, and other is Hangry) . The script was quickly drafted after he had the vision of seeing the same person duplicated and sitting around a blank room. Daniel also wanted to explore the theme of love in the modern age, and he began thinking about where internet dating could go in the future.

Lucy-Jane approached Daniel about the project after seeing a casting call for the role. They had known each other for a while, but had never worked with each other before – Daniel was more than happy to have her onboard. May was offered the role of S.A.M. from the same casting call, and both Fintan and Elliot were approached directly by Daniel. Elliot then recommended Andrew Jezard as DP, and the rest of the crew quickly fell into place. Daniel edited the film himself, and it was finally released online in 2018.