Clarey and Boyd take a trip to get away from all the stress back home, but are slightly lost. They stop to ask an interesting chap for directions.

A comedy that leans on classic horror films of old, Hangry is written & directed by Daniel Harding, and features Neil James and Sophie Dearlove as Boyd and Clarey, with Jack Kristiansen as the Hooded Man. An original scored was composed by Gus Nicholson and Eunseog Lee. 


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A shot-gun project which literally took only a month from writing to full completion. Hangry was intended to encourage people to donate to the Kickstarter campaign for The Cult of Nigel. Therefore it was always Daniel’s intention to split the film into two parts, with the second only being available to people who contribute.

The horror elements are a nod to classic films of old, without ever intending to scare or take itself too seriously. Ultimately, Daniel wanted to make a comedy with a totally unexpected twist.




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