Cupid’s arrow goes awry as two strangers are bound together for better or worse.

A short comedy written & directed by Daniel Harding and stars Kate Goodfellow and Neil James.

Filmed on Brighton and Hove sea front, the film took an afternoon to film and several more months to edit. It was completed in early 2015 and was released the online the night  before Valentine’s Day.


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The idea for Cupid developed from scenario Daniel had about what would happen if two people met in a film-cliche-way, but quickly realised they were so unsuitable for each other but neither felt able to stop the arrangement.

It took Daniel roughly a morning to write Cupid and was filmed on Brighton seafront over the course of an afternoon in early November, and took roughly one month to edit.

Cupid is a film of circumstance. Coming off the back of That’s Not Me and Ring Ring, Daniel had already started making plans for his trilogy of short films, but due to personal and financial restrictions, he was unable to afford another sizeable film, and ironically, Cupid was the perfect match.