We want to make the process of starting a showreel from scratch as easy and stress-free as possible. Therefore we offer a range of Project Options to suit your needs, which Daniel will be more than happy to discuss with you if you’re unsure.

Option 1 – 1 scene (£195)

Option 2 – 2 scenes (£320)

Option 3 – 3 scenes (£395)

Option 4 – A scene written specifically for you by our filmmaker (£40)

Project Options 1-3 are our most popular, and whilst you can provide your own script(s), we encourage you to have scenes written for you by Daniel. He can write to your specific requirements and casting type, and because Daniel has written over thirty scenes in 2017 and writes regularly for his production company 23½ Films, his experience will only make the scenes more professional.

Option 5 – A showreel edit compiled of additional footage (£100)

Option 6 – A showreel edit compiled of scenes we have shot, and addition footage (£50)

Once you have chosen your project option, you will need to fill out our Welcome Pack which will provide us with some necessary info to move the project forward with you. Daniel will then contact you to discuss the project and make the necessary arrangements.

We require a 20% deposit before any work begins or filming dates can be confirmed – the remaining amount will then be billed before you receive the first digital copy of the scene(s).

If the project requires Daniel to travel, i.e. to London or anywhere in the South East, the cost will be covered for Options #2 and #3. For Option #1 and anything outside the South East, travel arrangements and cost will have to be agreed upon beforehand.

Please contact dh.showreels@gmail.com if you have any queries about the options we offer.