Founded in 2011 by filmmaker Daniel Harding, 23½ Films is a UK production company based in Brighton. Striving to make unique and original stories, so far we have made ten short films with more on the way. In 2017 work began on our first feature film The Cult of Nigel!

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Punch Bag (2017)


After finding a leaflet that offers ‘help’, Naomi seeks a violent end to her problematic neighbours.

An absurd-comedy starring Ingvild Deila as Naomi, and Bryan Samson as Lucas. Punch Bag was written & directed by Daniel Harding, with supporting roles by Justin Hayward, Andrea Newland, Tommy Alexander and Cerys Knighton, cinematography by Matt Prior and make-up by Ruby Lonsdale.

Man In A Suit (2017)

George & Sally take part in a government initiative that aims to reduce unemployment by putting anyone without a job into work.

A political-drama starring Lynette Creane, Radley Mason and Simon Christian as the ‘Man In A Suit’. Written & directed by Daniel Harding, our short film also features Neil James as the ‘News Reporter’, Harriet Madeley and Joseph Steyne, with original music from Mathieu Karsenti.

Two Pound Forty Pence (2016)


With only enough money to get the last bus home, a man is pursued by a beggar who wants some spare change.

A nightmarish-thriller stars Neil James and Steve Larkin, and was written & directed by Daniel Harding, with original music composed by Gus Nicholson.

Toast (2016)


A man ponders existence and what it all means, if only he had a sign to tell him.

A one minute, one shot, existential comedy written & directed by Daniel Harding, starring Neil James, with cinematography by Matt Prior and an original score composed by Gus Nicholson.

The Missing Hand (2015)

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An unlikely duo must decide what to do with a severed hand they find on a plot of land they intend to build on.

A dark comedy written & directed by Daniel Harding, The Missing Hand stars Meryl Griffiths and Neil James, and features Radley Mason and Joseph Emms in supporting roles. The music was composed and orchestrated by Jack Blume and the prosthetic hand was made by Emma Snelson.

Killer Bird (2015)


A dangerous bird has escaped and is causing panic amongst the local community. Coerced by his friends, Michael sets out to capture the bird and return it to the authorities.

A short film written & directed by Daniel Harding, and stars Chris Clynes, Lindsay Bennett, Stewart Barham and Ingvild Deila. The film also features and welcomes back Steve Sipple, Kate Goodfellow, Steve Larkin and Neil James as the ‘News Reporter’. The original score was composed by Mathieu Karsenti.

Cupid (2015)


Cupid’s arrow goes awry as two strangers are bound together for better or worse.

A short comedy about falling for the wrong person, and stars Kate Goodfellow and Neil James. Cupid was written & directed by Daniel Harding. 

Ring Ring (2014)


A rotary telephone, bought as a birthday present, enables Martin to listen in on his girlfriend’s private conversations.

A short film written & directed by Daniel Harding, starring Steve Sipple and Harriet Madeley, and the score is composed by Mathieu Karsenti.

That’s Not Me (2014)


A man is approached by a stranger who wants an autograph, but the photo is not of him.

A short film starring Robert Reina and Jamie Langlands, with Cara Fraser, Andrew Marwood and Richard Malado completing the cast. That’s Not Me was written & directed by Daniel Harding.

Loop (2013)


A witness to a mugging decides to intervene. But when he gets there, everyone has disappeared.

A short film directed by Daniel Harding, Loop stars Ricky Murphy, and introduces Tarik Basri, Damien Salama and Nicholas Donaldson, with music composed by Michael Groves.